Walk Into Health With Treadmills

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Walking is one of the best methods for maintaining your health. Whether young or old, the low impact activity of walking offers numerous health benefits, from disease prevention to mood improvement. However, many people either do not take the time or do not feel safe walking outside; Treadmill Trends showcases high tech treadmill solutions that can bring the benefits of walking right into the comfort and convenience of one’s own home.

Walking is perhaps one of the simplest and most beneficial of exercises. There is little risk of doing it incorrectly and plenty of opportunity to customize the intensity and difficulty of your walk to suit your own ability and needs. Whether one wants to ramp up their cardio and burn a bunch of calories with a brisk walk uphill or take a slow stroll over a flat surface, the activity can instantly be adjusted. Home treadmills make it even easier to adjust one’s walking routine as different models come with slope and speed adjustments that can be changed with the push of a button.

So, who should add walking into their weekly routine? The Mayo Clinic recommends that anyone suffering from or wanting to prevent symptoms of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, varicose veins, obesity, and depression should all walk on a regular basis as the activity can reduce and even eliminate symptoms (Reference 1). Low impact physical activities like walking are also helpful in managing pain and stiffness caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

But not everyone is steady on their feet. People who suffer from painful diseases, take medications, or are elderly may not have the coordination or balance needed to walk in open spaces such as a walking track or down their neighborhood sidewalk. For this reason, a treadmill is an excellent solution to making walking more accessible, as many models come with hand rails to assist with stability and can be set to completely flat surfaces, minimizing tripping hazards. Most physical therapy offices are equipped with treadmills for use in rehabilitation and maintenance of patients’ physical health (Reference 2).

Aside from being able to adjust walking to suit one’s personal physical needs, a treadmill allows you to adjust one’s walking routine to their lifestyle and interests. When asked why they skipped going to the gym many people will answer that they don’t have the time. Having a treadmill in your living room, home office, bedroom, or basement means one is only steps away from their workout, saving time driving in traffic and making it easier to fit a walk into one’s schedule whenever a convenient time arises. Also, unlike walking through your neighborhood, if an individual gets tired half way through your walk, one can stop immediately and take a break. The May Clinic recommends 10,000 steps a day of walking to maintain joint health, weight, and mood, so every step counts. Having the option to watch the news, listen to an audio book, or enjoy their favorite music while walking increases the likelihood that one will enjoy the activity and stick with a healthy routine.

From the young fitness buffs to the great grandparents of the world and everyone in between, walking is one of the best old tricks to a healthy lifestyle that’s getting a high tech upgrade in the modern age. Treadmill technology can help anyone fit a customized workout into the comfort and safety of their own home. Adjustable features on many models enable one machine to be use for multiple people, whether they are looking to burn carbs, keep stiff joints moving, or walk off a little stress at the end of a rough work day.