Do You Love Rice – I Definitely Do

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All of the girls that were born into my family were brought up baking and cooking. We started at a young age learning what the oven and stove was and how to properly use them. Sometimes using a microwave was efficient, but would nuke the taste, so we were also taught how to cook almost everything without using the microwave. Now days there are all types of appliances that are used in the modern kitchen. Some of these appliances have twice as many buttons as a microwave, while others are more simple with an on and off setting.

Fighting with My Husband

My husband and I normally do not fight over things that are trivial. It takes a lot to really get us geared up and ready to throw words. However, being that we both loved to be in the kitchen, we both would get in each other’s way. We didn’t fight over who was cooking, we just had to be helping or doing some portion of the meal. We finally gave up with trying to cook together and decided on days that each of us would cook. We would alternate and leave 1 day for “out of the house.”

Over time we became accustomed to having one another cook alternatively, but my husband still wanted more. He wanted to have more things to cook and more appliances to cook with. I indulged him. We came across several rice cooker reviews that helped to point us in the direction of our new home rice cooker. My husband was the one to order and purchase it because I was against having more appliances that I could possibly use at one time. Overall he loved the fact that he got his way in the kitchen once more.

Using the Rice Cooker

He proved me wrong in as little as two weeks with this new rice cooker. I watched him use it time after time and the meals come out delicious and fresh tasting. They could almost pass as restaurant prepared dishes. I had to give this thing a try. I wanted to make some mouthwatering rice, even though I was not a big fan of rice at all. I searched for the right recipe to cook in the rice cooker. I came across one that explained I could use this cooker as a double for boiling noodles. I began work on a teriyaki noodle dish.

I made sure to be extremely cautious with how I set the cooker and how long I cooked everything. Even with little hope of serving a fantastic meal, I seemed to be proud when cleaning up after dinner as many of the plates were spotless. From then on I, too, incorporated the rice cooker into my meals. I did not go as far as to use it every meal, like my husband, but I did change it up from whatever he was cooking. We were actually working together for once.

Our Accidental Return

Not many people would think to read the instruction manual all the way through, and I was one of those people that didn’t. Unfortunately we had issues with the cooker after a few months and we had to purchase a new one. It was just as great as the first one, but a little bigger and with a lot more functionality. We were discovering new and exciting meals to cook each week and the kids were loving being able to try all sorts of great food from different locations around the world.

It has held up pretty well for a family of five and is large enough that our servings are somewhat larger than what you would consider proportional. It helped both my husband and I relax after working all day by just flipping it on and letting it cook what we had prepared earlier that day. It has become a breeze to cook supper in under thirty minutes each night, but we do it. It has changed our eating lifestyle to a healthier one due to the changes in meals from what we used to eat to what we cook through the rice cooker now. I will definitely be passing on these recipes and the positives of owning appliances to my children, whether they are boys or girls.