Tools For Maintaining Your Yard

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Working out in your yard can be a pleasant and meditative experience. You’re surrounded by nature, taking care of your home, and getting a moderate amount of exercise. Add a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sunlight, and you have got yourself a wonderful and therapeutic afternoon spent tending to your yard. Unfortunately, many people perceive yard work to be a chore, an annoying obligation, or something to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, you can chock this up to sheer laziness. Most people, however, are only really put off from yard work simply because they don’t have the right tools for the job.

What Tools Do I Need To Take Care Of My Yard?

For many of us, we grew up taking care of our parent’s yards. We were familiarized at a young age with the lovely hum of lawnmowers, the sharp buzz of weed-whackers, and the scraping screech of metal rakes. Many people, however, grow up without even having a yard, let alone a chance to learn how to take care of one.

Maybe you were raised in an urban environment and have recently moved to a suburban or rural area, or you just never had your own yard, or maybe your parents simply never made you work in the yard. Whatever the cause, don’t worry. Yard work is fun, it’s easy to get the hang of it, and nothing leaves you quite as relaxed as a long day taking care of your own yard. Here are some of the most necessary tools you’ll need to maintain and care for a standard yard.

  • Rake
    There are two kinds of rakes, and both are great to have around your yard. Spring-tined rakes are perfect for removing leaves and other clutter from your lawn, garden, or walkway. Garden rakes are heavier and sharper, making them an excellent tool for leveling soil, clearing ground, and loosening soil for planting.
  • Wheelbarrow
    If you’re going to be hauling anything around your yard, you absolutely need a wheelbarrow. You’ll want to get a wheelbarrow that suits the type of moving you have to do. If you rarely find yourself moving heavy objects or large amounts of dirt, you might settle for a small folding yard cart. If you need to move big bags of mulch out to your garden every couple of weeks, you’ll want to stick to one of the heavy-duty metal wheelbarrows, and maybe even one with multiple wheels for more stability. Check out Wheel That to browse and compare different wheelbarrows to find the best one for you.
  • Shovel and Hand Trowel
    If you’re planning on doing any gardening, it’s crucial that you own at least one good shovel and a hand trowel. The shovel will come in handy any time you need to dig or move large amounts of mulch or dirt. The hand trowel proves it’s worth when it comes time to do the planting. Shovels are pretty unwieldy when it comes to planting and weeding, which is why a small and reliable trowel is great to have around.
  • Lawnmower
    Obviously, if you have a lawn you’ll want to invest in a lawnmower. Make sure the lawnmower you get is the right fit for you and your lawn. If your lawn is only a small patch of grass, for example, you definitely don’t need to go out and buy a riding lawnmower. Most lawn mowers are gas powered, but if you have trouble handling and maneuvering these heavier mowers you might want to invest in a smaller and lighter electric or battery-powered lawn mower.
  • Weed Whacker or Edger
    A good weed whacker or edger can make all the difference for a lawn, visually speaking. That clean and crisp edge gives your lawn a distinct look that makes your yard look much nicer, with relatively little effort.
  • Pruners

Pruners are perfect for keeping all the plants in your garden trimmed and healthy. Look for one with a safety catch to prevent injuries, and make sure to keep them sharp. If you don’t have any pruners, scissors can work in a pinch, but you’ll want to go grab yourself a pair of good pruners for next time.

  • Garden Hose
    A garden hose is absolutely necessary if you’re gardening or if you have a lawn. They make it easy to get water anywhere it needs to be in your yard, whether it be watering plants or wetting loose dirt to keep it from blowing around in the wind. Look for a hose that is both lightweight and durable so that it’s easy to use and will hold up to the daily wear and tear without springing a leak.
  • Loppers And finally, Loppers. Loppers are important for anyone with trees in or around their yard. Nothing is better at pruning those small branches that are just a little too thick for your pruners. If we didn’t have loppers, we would have to break out a saw, which comes with its own set of issues. Plus, the long handles on loppers make it easy to reach up and snip off a couple of small, low-hanging branches without having to reach for a ladder.

If you don’t already have all of these tools lying around your yard, shed, or garage, you’ll want to stock up before you take on your yard. If you don’t have the right tools for the job, it’s harder to do good work. Most if not all of these tools can be found at just about any hardware store. Once you’re all set, it’s time to dive in and start working and enjoying all the benefits of working outside in your own yard!