Three College Life Hacks

Three College Life Hacks

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So you’re starting college, and now that 0 week is over, it’s beginning to dawn on you that that perfect balance of working and playing hard is completely up to you. Gone are the days that your parents made the rules around this – which can be quite helpful when navigating your way through the always confusing terrain of becoming an adult. Ideally, you want college to be as easy as possible and find ways to make that transition smooth. Here are three college life hacks to get you through those long weeks before summer break hits again.

Get Highlighting

One of the more pleasant aspects of College and that inevitable study that’s been piling up on your desk for the last two weeks is all the note taking and highlighting you get to do. Most of the time these things are done out of procrastination – how many doodles could you possibly draw in the margins of your notes, or how many colors could you include in the drawing of one square cube? These questions are important. But what’s even more important is figuring out that you can actually use those highlighters to make your study better and easier. Using multiple colored pens to highlight those lecture notes will trigger your visual memory, causing that rote learning more likely to stick in your mind when it comes to exam time. If you mix it up a bit and use a variety of colors to remember those notes, you’ll be an expert on the subject in no time.

Get Help Writing That Paper

When it comes to writing essays, there never seems to be an easy way out – you’ve got to do the hard yards. However, with the magic of the internet these days, there are ways to get around that writer’s block. Believe it or not, there are interested, and available writer’s out there prepared to tackle even the hardest essay you could throw at them, and most of the time they’re pretty affordable too. There’s also no risk of plagiarism, so you know that you’re not cheating the system and copying somebody else’s writing as your own – you’re just getting some much-needed help when it comes to the vocab and adjectives. Check out Writing Sharks for some custom writing services that will give you a little bit of an advantage when it comes to that essay.

Get In Early

College is fun, and full of memories made that you’ll most likely never forget. However, even something as life-changing and memorable as College can wear out its welcome and the novelty can quickly rub off. It can get tiring and stressful, especially when you’re approaching those end of year exams and realizing that the marks you’re studying for actually matter more than you thought. That’s why it’s best to get in early with your GPA and make sure it’s sitting high as soon as possible. Classes tend to be easier earlier on in college so you might as well take advantage of this and do the work so that when the going gets tough, you can relax a little and not worry so much about pulling your GPA up.

College is easily one of the best times of your life, and there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy it more than not. However, it’s good to go into it knowing exactly what to expect, and there’s no harm having a couple of tricks up your sleeve in preparation of the less than ideal parts that will inevitably come your way.