The Ultimate Guide to Rule Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Rule Social Media

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Always wanted to make it on social media but didn’t know where to start? Well, let me help you with that.

First, choose a platform

Facebook is a good choice for people who have physical products to sell, or artists, or entertainers, or anything else that targets consumers so if that’s not you then forget about Facebook.

Instagram is great for artist, travelers, photographers, sportsman, and so on, as they always have something new to post and it’s all based on visuals, same applies for Pinterest btw.

Now if businesses belong to your target group you’re better off at LinkedIn as that’s where all the professionals connect. Don’t expect a ton of engagement though as most people only check their LinkedIn account say once a week so posting multiple times a day is a complete waste of time and space.

Let’s look at Instagram

The number one important thing on Instagram is to provide entertainment for your followers. It are mostly young people that hang out there and they are highly demanding, don’t ask me why but it is what it is.

So instead of posting the same boring picture after another make sure to spice them up, there are plenty of apps to add some magic to your photos.

Only posting photos isn’t going to cut it either, people are getting bored fast so add in some quizzes, contests, and ask people questions. Also, make sure to make use of captions and tell short stories. Yes short because the attention span of the average Instagram visitor is short.

You should never forget they are browsing it on their phone while doing other things at the same time, like sitting at school, going out shopping, eating in restaurants, or even at work.

That’s why it’s important to brand yourself well, using the same type of filters or colors so they know it’s you and you want to do it in such way that they are literally hoping that one of your posts passes by as perhaps it’s inspirational.

In other words, to make it on Instagram you need to be exceptional, not average, if you aren’t exceptional you might want to focus on a different type of internet marketing like search engine optimization for example.

Taking it a step further

You’ve probably read about bots on sites like Jonathon Spire but before you let the bot take off you want to build a solid user base that actually engages with you.

To accomplish that you need to mix yourself into discussions, make new friends, add your real-life friends as they are most likely to engage with you, and start chatting with those people. Ask them for their Line or WhatsApp. The more they like you the more they engage and the more chance you have to succeed.

Now, once your foundation of say 100 engaging users has been created it’s time to let the bots take it over as you shouldn’t spend all your days on Instagram, instead you should spend your time thinking what to post next, and obviously work on your artistic projects, visit amazing places, and whatnot that you’re doing that is going to make you famous on Instagram.

It all comes down to

Uniquenss, exceptionalism, and stunning photography, if you have it in you you can make it there, if you don’t have it in you don’t even think about starting at Instagram as you will definitely fail.