The Perks of Using Solar Flood Lights

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Installing floodlights in your home’s backyard is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that your property is secure. The beauty of it is that these lights can be used even in the most remote locations without the need of accessing to a traditional source of power.

Below is a look at some of the perks of using solar flood lights that you can enjoy without blowing your budget.

Clear Visibility to Detect Any Motion Within a Specified Area

By mounting solar flood lights in your backyard, you can quickly detect any motion from a distance. Most models come with motion detectors for increased security with low power consumption. The lights are designed to light up every time there’s a movement within a certain range for a pre-set period. You can even set the level of sensitivity to detect if the slightest of motions.

Removal of Potential Hiding Places in Routes that are Accessible by Pedestrians

Security lights can light a large area and effectively get rid of all hiding dens around routes that are accessible to the general public.  Solar floodlights are typically designed to emit light that can penetrate in secluded or bushy areas making it virtually impossible for anyone to hide. Thus, they can provide security in areas such as parks, parking light, and alleyways.

Facial Recognition At a Distance of 30 Meters

Some LED solar flood lights are designed to offer superior visibility that mimics daylight. Additionally, state-of-the-art lights provide facial recognition if the subject comes within a distance of about 30 meters from where the light is mounted. This allows you to recognize anyone who is within or around your premises while giving you a more detailed outlook.

Increase in Efficiency of Other Safety Devices Such as Security Cameras

Due to their ability to provide better illumination LED lights, by extension improve the efficiency of your security cameras. The lights can be set to operate at a lower light level to be used by the security camera. Plus, they can switch to high powered light when motion is detected thereby increasing visibility and the distance covered by the security camera. This ensures that you have full clarity on what is going on at a specific location at any given time. You may also integrate solar LED lights with your security camera system.

Reduce Crime and Property Break-ins

Deterring crime is one of the primary reasons you would want to install solar floodlights on your premises. As the name suggests, these lights are powered by solar, meaning that they can be operational even when the power is out. The lighting serves as a warning for any criminal who would have an ill motive of invading your property. Besides, if your lights have the face recognition feature, it would help identify and track down the criminals.

…You only need to hire a professional company to install the lights for you.

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