Out of Shape? Stop Making Excuses!

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If you don’t exercise regularly, the chances are that’s because you don’t like it. It leaves you feeling tired and aching, exhausted, mentally and physically. Occasionally you decide to try to muster the willpower to get into shape – perhaps you’ve just booked a beach holiday, or you’ve been looking at wedding dresses. A handful of people will be successful in getting fit this way, while millions of others fail miserably. There just isn’t room for it in your hectic life. You expend all of your energy at work and chasing around after your family. Any free moments, you need to take advantage of, by falling asleep on the sofa or, well anywhere. Those sugary coffees and cakes are to keep you going through the day. Those glasses of wine and slices of pizza are important in helping maintain your sanity. There’s no way you could survive on salads, water and spending your free time on a treadmill.

This attitude reveals that you place a lower importance on your health than on your job, family and social life. Yet without your health, you wouldn’t have any of the other things. Carry on down the same road and you’ll be incapacitated before you realize it.

Spending your free time in the gym and counting calories really isn’t for everyone, though. It can be extremely boring. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to live your life that way. There are other, smaller ways you can start to make changes.

The first thing you need to do is have a big party. That’s right – invite all of your friends around, cook up all the treats you love, serve your favorite drinks and fill yourself up. Any leftover pizza, cakes etc., you need to keep for the following day.

In the morning, finish tidying up after the party and then sit down to finish off the leftovers. Now that your party is over, your cupboards, fridge and freezer will need restocking. Now is a great time to go food shopping as your belly is full and you’ve had your (last) hit of greasy and sugary food. Don’t reach for the car keys. You won’t be needing them. Instead, you’ll need a Step Count from Fitness Exact. That’s right – you’re going to walk to the grocery store or supermarket.

As you go about your shopping, choose the healthy option every time. You need enough food for a week, or until your next shopping trip. You can choose a treat or two, but you should be stocking up on fruit, vegetables, lean meats and so on. Stay away from chips, cakes, chocolates, ready meals and other junk. Choose the wholegrain options. Once you’ve finished shopping, walk home with the cart, unpack, and then return the shopping cart to the store.

You’ve probably just done more exercise than you would have done if you’d driven down to the gym. You’ve used your legs for what they were intended. Keep doing it. Don’t starve yourself at home – now that your pantry is full of healthy foods, you can get away with snacking more – make smoothies, or grab an apple or a tangerine.

Can you go to work by public transport? If you can, you’ll get some exercise walking to the station. Once you’re on the train or bus, you can relax, close your eyes. No more traffic chaos for you to deal with. You might find that you barely use your car – you’ll be saving a lot of money on gas. That’s great for your stress levels, therefore it’s great for your health.

When you arrive at work, take the stairs. If you have to go up a few flights of stairs every day, plus at least 20 minutes of walking outside, you’re now taking care of your health in a way that doctors would approve of. Healthy and convenient.

This method of keeping fit will do wonders for your cardiovascular system, as well as boosting your immune system and protecting you against numerous diseases. It is not going to turn a pot belly into an iron six-pack, and it’s not going to give you biceps like Van Damme. It will, however, stop you from ending up permanently bed-ridden. Considering how easy it is, I’d say that’s worth it. Wouldn’t you?