Instagram Growth Hacks You Never Tried Before

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Instagram has become a huge deal these days. Within just a few years, the platform has grown huge, and it has changed the way businesses operate, and it shows no signs of slowing down at all.

Along with the newest Instagram algorithm that rewards the different engagement rates, the platform has led to many people and brands looking to get success on this platform. It comes packed with all sorts of individuals, brands, creatives, influencers all looking to get an audience.

But getting the right audience doesn’t come easy at all.

Some have tried buying followers with little success, while some have used automation tools that they don’t have any idea about, ending up dejected. Today we look at a few hacks that you can use to grow your Instagram following.

Use Tagging Like It Is Its Final Day

Statistics show that tagging is not taken seriously by a lot of people on Instagram. They don’t know what capability the tagging feature brings to the table.

Tagging allows you to add people to your posts. Don’t just tag anybody though – you need to make sure you get value when you tag anyone. The result of this is that your posts will get reflected in other people’s newsfeed, and many people get to see them. Many people that are browsing the profile will get redirected to your profile.

Another hack is to try a “tag-and-win” giveaway, where you have participants to follow your account and then tag their friends to win a prize. This can encourage their followers to join as well.

Go for Regramming

What is a regram? This is when someone reposts content from another profile. However, you need to credit the owner of the account you are getting the post from.

Regramming is great because it helps spread awareness to other followers that you never know about before. This helps you get more engagement from the followers.

If another user regrams your content, you need to go ahead and check out what people are saying about the content. You can visit the profiles and give them a follow, leave comments and hope that they follow you back.

Diversify the Hashtags

Hashtags are ideal for staying visible on Instagram, and if you aren’t using them, then it is a huge reason why you aren’t getting any followers at all on your account.

When using the search feature, you will end up with a few things: usernames, hashtags and geotags. Nothing more. You need to diversify the hashtags and make the content discoverable manually. You can use up to 30 different hashtags in each post, but it is recommended that you use a maximum of 10 in each post.

Go Local

Instagram gives you the power to search for locations on the platform, which is cool because you can use the feature to find users to sell to in your locality. Use this tool to identify a target niche and promote your products to a select number of people.

You can also try and find some events that you can attend and take some pictures of. You can try to hold an event using the Geotag and run it through the platform.

Use Automation

You can use automation to add likes to your posts. Having the right number of likes makes the difference between your posts being seen and fading into oblivion. Check out this likes bot for IG and understand what it can do for you so that you can enjoy better visibility without putting in the hours.

The Bottom-line

When it comes to running a campaign on Instagram, you ought to take the time to understand your audience and try and grow the number.