How to Care for your Aging Parents

How to Care for your Aging Parents

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You’re caring for aging parents. And you’re always worried about things like medication and memory, mobility and balance, safety and security. You want to do something to help them perform their activities of daily living, with independence and safety. Here’s how to do it;

Get Rid of Items They Don’t Need

Make sure that your old parents have enough space to walk around freely. Remove all the clutter and everything else that might cause unnecessary distractions. The idea is to make their living area feel less crowded. Besides, you will eliminate the need to take care of things they don’t require anymore. Visit SmartLockStorage if you want to hire temperature controlled cubicles to store some of the items.

Get Them a Raised Toilet Seat Riser

Getting on and off the toilet requires excellent postural control, so you might’ve noticed your mother and father having difficulty. One way you can help your parents is to install a raised toilet seat riser, which attaches directly to any toilet. It will elevate the toilet’s height, making it easier for them to sit down and get up with security. You might also consider

Buy a Locked Pill Organizer

Here’s a fact from The National Council on Patient Information and Education’s campaign, Medication Use Safety Training for Seniors: 4 out of 5 older adults live with one or more chronic conditions. Prescribed medications for treatment come with these diagnoses.

Now, your parents have a challenge. They must not only remember to take their prescribed medications at the right time, but also organize them. This is where the investment of a simple, locked pill organizer comes in. You can arrange your parents’ medications for the coming week, while also tracking their prescriptions, dosages, and refill needs.

You might also find it helpful to set up medication alarms, using a watch, voice-activated clock, timer, or app. These reminders will sound off, reminding your elderly parents to take their medications.

Hire a Walker for Each Parent

Musculoskeletal and neurological problems are common amongst the aging population. These conditions make it harder to walk with balance and safety. So, a walking device, such as a walker, based on their needs, will help your Mom and Dad move around by foot, with stability and strength.

Additionally, research from a geriatric study links walkers to falls in older adults, so your senior parents must also use them properly to prevent falls. No worries, though. An occupational therapist can help you choose the correct walkers for your parents. They can also train your parent on the proper usage.

In Conclusion

Health changes in your elderly parents leave you concerned about their safety. However, assistive devices for independent living can help them maintain security and a level of independence. They can better their quality of life. So, consider the products discussed above, with the help of a doctor and occupational therapist.

Also, remember to include both parents in any decision-making processes.  See? It is not that hard to take care of your aging parents. You only need to know what to do!