Gizmos and Home Comfort

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While many people love the rustic look and feel when it comes to houses – log fires, stone kitchens, aga cookers and so on, there is no reason they can’t subtly integrate modern technology into their house design and use modern gadgets for efficiency. After all, most of them will have a TV, refrigerator and computer, but let’s look at some other great gizmos that may have been hitherto overlooked.

Air quality is always important for a comfortable and healthy home. Depending on the climate you might want to consider buying either a humidifier or a dehumidifier. If the air in your home is too dry, you might suffer from respiratory infections and skin problems, whereas if it’s too humid, you run the risk of having mould grow in dark corners and clothes. This can lead to serious health issues so be sure to make your purchase before you regret not addressing it sooner.

Another air quality issue is high amounts of dust in the air. If you have pets and smoke in the house, you really need to be vacuuming and dusting every day in order to keep the amount of dust particles to a minimum. This could be a real hassle for busy people so a smart gadget to purchase would be a robot vacuum cleaner. It can slide under a sofa or a table when it is not in use and so won’t alter the aesthetic of the room you keep it in.

Many people lament the poor quality of coffee they can make for themselves at home. Instant just won’t cut it when you’re used to real espresso. For people who feel strongly about their coffee, they should take a look at, where they will be able to choose from a number of smart espresso machines to prepare them the perfect coffee every morning.

Cleaning glass – windows, shower cubicles and so on can be a real time-consuming chore. Thankfully, just like the vacuuming robot, there is a robot which will clean glass surfaces for you. It’s about the size of a coaster and looks like one, too. You could have one robot for each pane of glass and never even have to move the robots. The same technology has been used to create a robot lawnmower and floor mop, too.Plus there is a robot gutter cleaner on the market, so that’s half of the household chores done before you have even started!

Taking robotics even further are AppBots – robot security guards which can see, hear, motion sense and track moving objects in and around your house and use the information in the way you choose. If someone is trying to break into your home, an AppBot will track them whilst capturing them on video. Should you choose to interact with the would-be intruder, you can do this through the AppBot.

Another security robot, Novi, will do everything that an AppBot will, but can be programmed to recognise non-threats such as household pets and the postman. In the case that it detects a threat, it can contact the police, sound an alarm and release smoke clouds to confound the would-be burglar.

Robots aren’t just limited to security and cleaning tasks, however. The new line of ANDBOTs are designed to serve as your all-round personal assistant/slave. They can understand a wide range of commands and can be taught what they don’t already understand. So let’s say you want your tea made with four sugars and to be brought to you with two waffles on Tuesdays whenever you wake up, an ANDBOT can do that for you without any difficulties. ANDBOTs aren’t the most attractive robots – they have very basic features imitating those of a human. As time goes by, the android technology developed in recent years will be used to perform the tasks of robots such as ANDBOT, albeit in a more humanoid form.

Technology has progressed to the point that wherever you feel like you could do with some help around the house, there is probably already a machine or robot designed and on the market that will do it for you. There are entire apartments which take care of themselves – emptying the garbage, cleaning the surfaces, washing bedsheets and so on. Humans don’t even have to command them anymore.