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Hodge's Numbers 6724 -- 6940
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  ~ Geometridae ~
Saw-wing Moth   6724-Saw-wing Moth--Ennominae/Angeronini/Euclaena serrata
Obtuse Euchlaena Moth   6726-Obtuse Euchlaena Moth--Ennominae/Angeronini/Euchlaena obtusaria
Mottled Euchlaena Moth   6737-Mottled Euchlaena Moth--Ennominae/Angeronini/Euchlaena tigrinaria
False Crocus Geometer Moth   6740 to 6744-Crocus Geometer Group--Ennominae/Angeronini/Xanthotype species
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Hubner's Pero Moth   6754-Hubner's Pero Moth--Ennominae/Azelinini/Pero ancetaria
Oak Beauty Moth   6763-Oak Beauty Moth--Ennominae/Nacophorini/Phaeoura quernaria
Pale Beauty Moth   6796-Pale Beauty Moth--Ennominae/Campaeini/Campaea perlata
Maple Spanworm Moth   6797-Maple Spanworm Moth--Ennominae/Ennomini/Ennomos magnaria
Maple Spanworm caterpillar   6797-Maple Spanworm caterpillar--Ennominae/Ennomini/Ennomos magnaria
Elm Spanworm Moth   6798-Elm Spanworm Moth--Ennominae/Ennomini/Ennomos subsignaria
White-spotted Homochlodes Moth   6811-White-spotted Homochlodes Moth--Ennominae/Lithinini/Homochlodes lactispargaria
Pale Homochlodes Moth   6812-Pale Homochlodes Moth--Ennominae/Lithinini/Homochlodes fritillaria
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Kent's Geometer Moth   6818-Kent's Geometer Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Selenia kentaria
#6819-Pale Metanema   6819-Pale Metanema--Ennominae/Anagogini/Metanema inatomaria
Ruddy Metarranthis Moth   6822-Ruddy Metarranthis Moth--Ennominae/Angeronini/Metarranthis duaria
Pale Metarranthis ID by Jonathan Sylvestre   6825-Pale Metarranthis Moth--Ennominae/Angeronini/Metarranthis indeclinata
  ID by Jonathan Sylvestre (MPG)
Refracted Metarranthis   6827-Refracted Metarranthis--Ennominae/Angeronini/Metarranthis refractaria
American Barred Umber Moth   6836-American Barred Umber Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Anagoga occiduaria
Dogwood Probole Moth   6837-Dogwood Probole Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Probole alienaria
Heath Probole Moth   6839-Heath Probole Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Probole nepiasaria
Lemon Plagodis Moth   6840-Lemon Plagodis Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Plagodis serinaria
Purple Plagodis Moth   6841-Purple Plagodis Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Plagodis kuetzingi
Fervid Plagodis Moth   6843-Fervid Plagodis Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Plagodis fervidaria
Hollow-spotted Plagodis Moth   6844-Hollow-spotted Plagodis Moth--Ennominae/Anagogini/Plagodis alcoolaria
Gray Spruce Looper Moth   6863-Gray Spruce Looper Moth--Ennominae/----/Caripeta divisata
Northern Pine Looper Moth   6864-Northern Pine Looper Moth--Ennominae/----/Caripeta piniata
Straw Besma Moth   6884-Straw Besma Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Besma endropiaria
Oak Besma Moth   6885-Oak Besma Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Besma quercivoraria
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Hemlock Looper Moth   6888-Hemlock Looper Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Lambdina fiscellaria
Curve-lined Looper Moth   6894-Curve-lined Looper Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Lamdina fervidaria
False Hemlock Looper Moth   6906-False Hemlock Looper Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Nepytia canosaria
False Pine Looper Moth   6909-False Pine Looper Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Nepytia pellucidaria
Sharp-lined Yellow Moth   6912-Sharp-lined Yellow Moth--Ennominae/Ourapterygini/Sicya macularia
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