Factors When Buying a Gaming Monitor

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For hardcore gaming enthusiasts, having the right monitor is a life or death situation. Does this sound a little extreme? Well, as sad as it may seem to say, it’s often times the truth. Not only can having the most elite monitor improve gaming results but they can enhance the experience in general. Now, here are some key factors to consider when purchasing an ideal gaming monitor.

Refresh Rate

Every single gaming fan in the world knows how much of a pain motion blur can be. Basically, depending on the monitor’s refresh rate, some fast moving images can be blurry to the gamer. The more times per second that a monitor will refresh its screen will make these images less blurry. So, depending on the game that is being played, it’s very important to shoot for a monitor that has a high refresh rate (such as 120Hz).

Resolution Size

The bigger something is, the better it is. Although that statement is not always true, it is when talking about the resolution size of a monitor. Of course, this also depends on what game is being played and the graphics card of the PC. If a game is being played that can’t support a certain resolution, it may have to be upscaled. Oftentimes, this can make a game look worse than it actually is. However, given the fact that most consoles being used on monitors will be 1080p or higher, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Anyway, the best monitors support Quad-High Definition with an Ultra-Wide aspect ratio (21:9).

Amount of Inputs

With all of the talk about specifications of a monitor, the inputs on the outside of them cannot be dismissed. After all, what’s the point of investing in a monitor that doesn’t allow specific peripherals to be plugged in? Obviously, for console gamers looking for a monitor, the most important inputs are the HDMI ports. Some will have multiple ports; some will only have one. If the intent is to use the monitor for more than one device at a specific time, then more than one will be necessary. Other inputs include, but are not limited to, USB-ports, speaker ports, and headphone jacks.

The Price

It’s ironic how this last factor is completely dependent on the first three. All of the factors previously alluded to are either going to jack up the money of the monitor or make it cheaper. Truthfully, this is the first factor that needs to be decided. If one is on a low budget, they won’t be able to get too high of a refresh rate, too high of a resolution size, or several inputs. Of course, one could also choose which factor is most important to them and then skimp on the others.

Take some time in deciding the correct gaming monitor. Whether this requires a little research or asking someone who is knowledgeable about it, it’s important as the gaming experience can be completely altered with a tremendous computer monitor. For one of the best available on the market, click here to see it.