Domestic Pet: Cats Versus Dogs

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The two most common and well-known household pets are cats and dogs, which you surely would know. Both have their unique traits, which is further differentiated by their breed. Cats tend to be more detached in general, while dogs are over attached. Most pets need you to provide affection, leisure, grooming, and visits to the vet. You will quickly notice that the difference between them is how needy they are.

Loyal, Needy Best Buddies

Ever thought of how annoying an over attached boyfriend or girlfriend is? Well, a dog can be just as annoying as that. Dogs always want to be able to participate in your life, because they evolved as a pack animal. Even if you find them irritating, they will forcefully cling towards you. Consequently, you have to spend quality time with them quite frequently, so that they would not get lonely.

You also have to always clean the mess of your dog because they will not do it on their own. Also, you have to deal with the barking noises that your dog makes every once in a while and whenever there is an intruder. Furthermore, you cannot go on a vacation without a house sitter to feed and to watch your dog. Lastly, your dog needs proper behavioral training, so that they may not end up behaving like a complete mess. Training a dog may take a while to take effect, but it can be effective long-term.

Now you might be thinking, “Doesn’t that make a dog too much of a hassle to take care of?” Well, despite the fact that they can be too high-maintenance for you, their interest and love for you are authentic. And so, they will wholeheartedly join you in whatever activities you want to do, whether if it’s a carefree joyride around town or a relaxing jog around the neighborhood. Furthermore, you benefit from having a cheap, effective alarm in your house, namely your dog. Overall, these affectionate and loyal buddies provide you with the emotional tenderness you may need in your life.

Independent, Self-absorbed Narcissists

Now, think of a child who only comes to you when it needs or wants something, then he or she just walks away and forgets about you afterward. Cats are similar to that because they are extremely independent and self-preoccupied. They do not feel the need to follow and please you, and they most likely would approach you only because they want some petting and warmth. Furthermore, cats mostly ignore their owner’s attempts to gain their attention by just looking bored and not reacting. Consequently, you should not expect much active, quality interaction with cats compared to dogs.

You may be telling yourself, “So cats would not even care for me?” There is good news for you because cats are quite low-maintenance. Your cat requires only minimal grooming, such as brushing their hair and trimming their nails. Also, you may have to clean their litter box daily and change the litter occasionally. Furthermore, your cat will not mind being left alone for longer periods of time, so your vacation is guilt-free.  Lastly, your cat can play on its own, freeing you of the effort of having to entertain it.

Various Needs of Your Pet

Both a cat and dog have similar material needs, but cats require you to get a litter box. For food, always make sure that they meet their dietary requirements as much as possible. For shelter, they can both live indoors or in a mini-house. Lastly, cats may require heat pads especially for their young, while dogs may benefit from a whelping box when the time comes. Feel free to check this link to get more information on heat pads and whelping boxes.

Compatibility With Your Pet

If you are quite an active and outgoing person, then you may prefer an enthusiastic dog that you can take outside. On the other hand, if you are quite the introverted and indoor type, then you might enjoy the silent company of a cat. Also, if you are quite desperate for physical affection, then an affectionate canine buddy may be suitable for you. Or if you prefer not to be bothered all the time, then perhaps you can live together with a feline loner. Overall, the pet you should get depends on what traits you are looking for in it.


Cats and dogs, the two most common house pets, have different characteristics. Cats tend to be more independent but distant, while dogs are quite affectionate but needy. It helps to consider the various advantages and disadvantages of having these pets. Also, never forget to keep the needs of your pets in mind. Overall, it is the level of maintenance you are willing to manage, that decides which pet may be suitable for you.