Does Your Laser Engraving Equipment Have These Features

Does Your Laser Engraving Equipment Have These Features?

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Since their inception, the laser engraving machine has come a long way. Current systems are faster, more precise, have better features and cost you less as compared to conventional systems. If you are looking for a laser engraving or etching equipment, you expect many features that are designed to make the cutting and engraving experience easy and quick. It is advisable that you keep them in mind when looking for the right equipment to suit your needs.

Auto Focus

When engraving on any surface, you ought to achieve the best quality regarding the image and the edge. The laser beam should have the capacity to focus at the smallest spot size on the material. Getting equipment that uses autofocus eliminates any errors that might arise. However, you need to know which method the manufacturer uses to achieve auto focus and choose the right method that works for you. If you can get equipment that can autofocus at any location, and if you can control the distance between the lens and the material which you are engraving the better.

Air Assist

This feature is designed to remove any heat and combustible gases around the working surface. It is suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from vector cutting procedures to rubber stamp engraving. All these benefit from using the air assist.

This feature makes use of a steady stream of air that blows across the surface to reduce any charring, flaming and scorching that might occur. However, one of the materials that you can’t engrave without the use of air assist is acrylic.

Movable Home Position

Not each object you get to engrave will fit perfectly in the upper left corner of the machine. This is why you will get manufacturers giving you an option that allows you the chance to vary the default position. This is ideal when you engrave irregularly-shaped items, which will come your way time and again. It also makes it possible for you to determine the X and Y coordinates faster when working. Check out equipment that offers this feature and more from

Beam Enhancing Optics

Manufacturers can be able to add an optics feature that enhances the character of the laser. This feature will vary from one manufacturer to the next, but using the laser to straighten and expand these laser beams gives you a consistent beam that is more focused. You will need this feature if you are handling jobs that involve wide surfaces.

The use of this feature makes it hard to have a consistent beam in different areas of the table. The differences in the sizes of the beam will produce a different result that will be noticeable from the final design.

An Advanced Driver

If you seek to have complete control over your laser system, you need to have a laser engraving machine that comes with an advanced driver. This driver also helps you to organize your activities. The driver gives you a database that you can use to save configurations for the equipment.

The driver also comes with color mapping that will save the individual functions of the laser equipment based on the color that you have defined in your configuration. The good thing about this feature is that it is easy to use whether you are just starting out with the laser equipment or you are an avid user.

Final Words

It doesn’t pay for you to get a laser engraving tool that doesn’t give you advanced features. With these features, you stand to make your work easier and deliver consistent jobs for your clients. It also makes the machine more precise. The good thing is that the advanced features are easy to use whether you are just starting out or you are an expert in laser engraving.