Develop Your Child's Skills Through Wooden Toys

Develop Your Child’s Skills Through Wooden Toys

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When you have a child, it seems you spend a lot of time searching for suitable toys. When birthdays or Christmas is approaching, that is all you seem to think about. How much research can one child’s toy possibly need? The answer seems to be ‘quite a lot’.

You don’t want your child sat in front of the tv or a screen for too long. You want them to use their imagination, and play. Children need to develop emotionally and socially and playing with toys is an integral part of that. Playing is important as it teaches children to join in, share and to develop a creative imagination. How do you decide on a type of suitable toy?

Physically playing with toys develops your child’s motor skills and their stamina. It gives them the chance to explore their new world and to learn. Wooden toys help children to use their imagination, develop their creativity and play with others.

This is especially true of ‘push’ toys such as a wooden toy train which you can find over here: Wooden trains come in assorted styles and sizes and have been enjoyed by children throughout the ages. Children love playing trains with Mum or Dad, Grandma or Grandad and the main reason is that they love it too! It seems you never outgrow your love of trains. One benefit of wooden toy train sets is that assorted brands are compatible with each other. This means a wooden toy train is an excellent choice for a relative looking for present ideas as it will expand your child’s current collection.

Wooden toys are safe and not easily broken. They are easy to clean and as wood is a natural product there are no harsh chemicals you need to worry about. They last a long time as they are so durable; in fact, they can last for generations. When you buy a good quality wooden toy, it is an investment. Young children especially like the feel of a wooden toy. As they are heavier than a plastic toy, it helps your child learn about holding and moving things.

Wooden toys don’t come with flashing lights and sirens so there is less to go wrong. This encourages your child to make their own noises. Who doesn’t remember saying ‘nee nah’ as a child! There is nothing more fun than listening to children making their own sounds and doing their own voices when they are playing.

Some people may suggest that wooden toys are outdated as they have been superseded by more modern technology. Who can resist sitting down and playing with a wooden toy whether it be building blocks or a toy train set? In fact, wooden toys are trendy again. As they are so simple, and a lot of the fun comes from your child’s imagination, wooden toys have a larger age range than other toys. Your child’s play will change over the years but wooden toys have a much longer lifespan as they are so much more versatile.

Wooden toys are made to be shared. Children use their imagination far more with a wooden toy and this encourages them to play with others. They will play with an electronic toy alone but this changes when they bring out a wooden toy. This will also teach your child to share. It is impossible to keep all the bricks so sharing is learned without your child noticing.

There are no rules with a wooden toy so children who play with wooden toys develop better reasoning skills. Even just putting them back in the box is a learning process and develops organisational skills too. Wooden toys like bricks also help children learn to solve problems and build hand to eye co-ordination. If they are trying to build a wall and it keeps falling over, they soon learn the skills required. Wooden toys are also great for learning colours, for counting and for learning shapes.

Wooden toys can be educational for children. But they are still fun and children love them. Your child will learn how to make friends and play with others through these traditional toys. If you want to encourage your child to be creative, co-ordinated with good reasoning skills, you won’t go far wrong with some wooden toys