Best Date Night Hairstyles

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With the special date night fast approaching, you need to pick out the perfect outfit for the night, have the right makeup lined up and everything in place. But how are you going to do your hair? There are so many factors that can cause you a terrible hair day – humidity, bad hair choice, stress and the need to impress your date.

But don’t let anything stand in the way of the perfect date just because the hairstyle isn’t what you expected. Here are a few hairstyles that will leave the partner asking for a second date!

The Fishtail Braid

With a long fishtail braid running down the back, the style is great for those with lots of hair to play around with. To achieve this, start by separating the hair you wish to braid from the rest and only braid a little layer.

Craft the fishtail braid by using two sections and blend the two. After completing the braid, you can use a straightener to tidy the hair around the braid and ad pins to match the outfit.

You will need the right straightener for the task, which means that you look for the right one from among the many that are available.

Simple Updo

For those looking to turn the high maintenance curls into a simple style, then use a straightener to brush the hair onto a side part. Then separate the hair into two sections after which you cross them over each other before securing them with pins. This creates an amazing bow shape. Add a clip, and you have the perfect hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Crown Braid

This is ideal for taming wild waves with a great twist. This hairstyle sits elegantly atop the head to add a touch of radiance. What you need to do to achieve this is to braid the two sections of hair and then go ahead to twist the sections around each other to come up with a crown-like effect. This is ideal for a fun daytime date; match it with faded jeans to nail the look.

Twisted Bun

This is a traditional night hairdo, with the bun falling short, making it ideal for a simple date and not the ones that are fun and wild. Section off the hair using knots, twists and bobby pins to secure the hairstyle in place. The look is perfect for sweeping the straight hair back classically and cleanly. This goes well with a floral dress for a simple sit down dinner.

Side Bun

You can add a touch of vintage to your date outfits using this style. All you need to do is to create a bun on one side of the head and then secure it with twists and braids for a superb style. Pair this hair with deep red lipstick and some earrings to make everything look great and mesmerizing.

Easy Updo

This is very easy, and pairs a simple bun plus a curled bun on the top. After the curls become operative, you can implement the style in just a few steps. This ponytail nun is ideal for casual dates because of the glam it presents. If you have layered hair, you can create additional volume to the style.

Headband Updo

Are you running low on time, then go or this fashionable updo that works ideal for any length of hair and all it requires is a headband. Choose a color that matches the dress, and then roll up the hair while tucking it into the band gently. This hairstyle is complete in just a few minutes, and you end up with a graceful style which will for sure impress.

The Ideal Hairstyle

The ideal date night hairstyle shouldn’t be complicated at all. What you need to do in such a case is to get the right hairstyle that will make you look dignified and suitable for the occasion. Use a tool such as the waver from That’s Foxy to get the best hairstyle.

In Closing

Many people fret at the thought of coming up with a hairstyle for the day, but with the tips in this article, you can have the perfect hairstyle in just a few moves. Make sure the hairstyle is ideal for the occasion and time.