A New Power Tool Review Site is Just Launched

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When making the decision as to which drill I should select as my latest new toy, I struggled to find somewhere that seemed knowledgeable and trustworthy. I looked for hours on end, with no results at all. I eventually found a new website that gave me everything I was looking for.

I was unsure of what drill I needed for my application but this website broke everything down into sections, which makes navigating your way around the site simple. Each section is in depth and I guess I was the perfect visitor because it seemed to be aimed at the public and not professionals.

One Click Away 

When you visit the page you are greeted with 8 sub headings:

  • Drills and drivers
  • Impact drivers
  • Combo kits
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer drills
  • Rotary hammer
  • Right angle drills
  • Best picks

Truthfully, all of these sub-headings were just words to me. I couldn’t have told you what a rotary drill was, in comparison to a hammer drill.

When you click on each of the sub headings, it gives you an outline of what each drill is all about. The specification and important details.

It offers you opinion on what they consider the best options for each drill and if I am honest, they are completely unbiased about the makes and models they are writing about. I generally found that on other sites they seem to be affiliated with one make or another. However, this site offers an unbiased opinion on everything they list and review.

Another thing I noticed on other sites is that they tend to concentrate on the higher end models, again, this site offers you an abundance of information on entry level models, right up to the top end options.

Detailed Specification and Reviews 

Not only do they offer an opinion on a variety of different types of drill, they educate you on which type of drill you would need for each job you may be presented with.

With this site I realised that I would need a hammer drill, which is something I did not realise before. I could have quite easily gone to an online shop and bought something without actually really knowing what it was. However, this site gave me the knowledge I needed, in an easy to understand way, which meant I was absolutely clear as to what drill I needed by the time I left the site.

I have since been back to the website and used it to help me make an informed choice of what impact driver and drill set to buy as they had reviews in the “best picks” section. Thanks again!!

Should I Visit?? 

All things considered, this site is very easy to navigate, it has clear headings and easy to follow links. For a novice like me, the information supplied is clear and easy to understand. The appropriate sections detail a few of the technical specifications of each drill they review and explain what these technical stats. would mean when you use a drill practically. It would be all well and good giving me the information without actually explaining what it means in reality.

If you are looking to buy a new drill and need some help with making the correct choice, visit this website. I really like the site and I have since recommended it to friends and family. Thoroughly recommended and useful website.