6 Simple Tools to Help You Relax in Your While Working

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Sometimes you can’t avoid taking work home with you. If you’re dedicated to your career or have great responsibility, work becomes a part of who you are. That makes it a challenge to have a place of peace to relax. Even with the added imbalance, you can still achieve a relaxing environment at home and work. There are some great tools on the market to help you with both.

Fidget Widget

If you’re not familiar with a fidget widget, you’ll appreciate this lesson. In fact, it could change your life and the way you function at work and home. Fidget widgets go by many brand names. Each one has a different style with many benefits and interactions depending on the designer. They look like games, but the small objects are actually desk toys designed to improve your focus, relieve stress, and challenge your brain. Many swear by them to make their lives easier at home, increase productivity at work, and help them get through lectures with more focus at school. The small objects normally have a reasonable price tag, so it’s worth giving them a try.

Handheld Body Massager

You don’t want to get too relaxed while working. What you do want is to soothe tension and keep stress levels low. You won’t be able to call in a personal therapists for a chair massage everyday, but you can buy your own handheld massager. The smallest of these devices come battery powered with strong vibrations to bring fast relief. You can roll it around on your neck and upper back to relieve tension. Many even come with ridged extensions to do head massages. The best part about it is it won’t annoy coworkers in your workplace. Even with the vibrations, its quiet enough not to disturb your office neighbors.

Comfortable Chair

One of the basics you should be sure to take care of is having a comfortable working chair. This can change the way you work and how you feel. Over time, a comfortable chair will positively effect your posture and health. Getting a high quality chair is easy to do in your home office space. You might have to negotiate a little at work. If you’re not in charge, give your best presentation about why you should have a better desk chair and how it will benefit them. If your superiors won’t budge about buying you a new chair, ask them if you can get it yourself. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable work chair. In fact, you can probably find a generic version of what you’re looking for that works the same. Depending on the way you have your taxes prepared, you can write it off as a business expense.

Smartphone Apps

These digital products can do some amazing things to improve your work life. You can use apps to get a better grip on your schedule. Some apps will add tasks and events to your calendar and remind you when the time approaches. To-do list options are endless with smartphone apps. You can manage and organize group projects right from your desk and phone. You’ll also be able to automatically schedule content or social media if that’s part of your daily duties. One awesome app called Noisili will even cancel out background noise with more pleasant sounds and colors to help you relax at work.


If the pleasant sounds aren’t doing it for you or they’re just too relaxing for work, try music instead. Some people need some noise instead of working in complete silence. This is definitely a reasonable option for your work life at home. Depending on your office work environment, music is an option there too. Many companies are becoming more flexible with the way they do work. They know it’s important to keep employees happy for them to stick around and be productive. Pitch to bring in your favorite music even if you have to carry ear buds along.

Refresher Products

Keeping some products on in your workspace like facial cloths and lotion helps you ease tension at work. Yes, something as simple as lotion can help you relax and get back to business. The trick is getting a lotion with soothing properties and calming ingredients like lavender, rose, chamomile, or ylang ylang. When you’re feeling a bit frazzled, you can also take a moment to freshen your face with a cool cleansing cloth. That will give you a sense of relief without wasting too much time.

You spend a huge chunk of your time building your business or someone else’s. For that reason, your work environment should be as comfortable as possible. At best, you should have access to essentials to reduce anxiety. The simple list above are easily accessible and inexpensive ways to make work life more pleasant.