Out of shape? Stop making excuses!

If you don’t exercise regularly, the chances are that’s because you don’t like it. It leaves you feeling tired and aching, exhausted, mentally and physically. Occasionally you decide to try to muster the willpower to get into shape – perhaps you’ve just booked a beach holiday, or you’ve been looking at wedding dresses. A handful of people will be successful in getting fit this way, while millions of others fail miserably. There just isn’t room for it in your hectic life. You expend all of your energy at work and chasing around after your family. Any free moments, you need to take advantage of, by falling asleep on the sofa or, well anywhere. Those sugary coffees and cakes are to keep you going through the day. Those glasses of wine and slices of pizza are important in helping maintain your sanity. There’s no way you could survive on salads, water and spending your free time on a treadmill.

This attitude reveals that you place a lower importance on your health than on your job, family and social life. Yet without your health, you wouldn’t have any of the other things. Carry on down the same road and you’ll be incapacitated before you realize it.

Spending your free time in the gym and counting calories really isn’t for everyone, though. It can be extremely boring. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to live your life that way. There are other, smaller ways you can start to make changes.

The first thing you need to do is have a big party. That’s right – invite all of your friends around, cook up all the treats you love, serve your favorite drinks and fill yourself up. Any leftover pizza, cakes etc., you need to keep for the following day.

In the morning, finish tidying up after the party and then sit down to finish off the leftovers. Now that your party is over, your cupboards, fridge and freezer will need restocking. Now is a great time to go food shopping as your belly is full and you’ve had your (last) hit of greasy and sugary food. Don’t reach for the car keys. You won’t be needing them. Instead, you’ll need a Step Count from Fitness Exact. That’s right – you’re going to walk to the grocery store or supermarket.

As you go about your shopping, choose the healthy option every time. You need enough food for a week, or until your next shopping trip. You can choose a treat or two, but you should be stocking up on fruit, vegetables, lean meats and so on. Stay away from chips, cakes, chocolates, ready meals and other junk. Choose the wholegrain options. Once you’ve finished shopping, walk home with the cart, unpack, and then return the shopping cart to the store.

You’ve probably just done more exercise than you would have done if you’d driven down to the gym. You’ve used your legs for what they were intended. Keep doing it. Don’t starve yourself at home – now that your pantry is full of healthy foods, you can get away with snacking more – make smoothies, or grab an apple or a tangerine.

Can you go to work by public transport? If you can, you’ll get some exercise walking to the station. Once you’re on the train or bus, you can relax, close your eyes. No more traffic chaos for you to deal with. You might find that you barely use your car – you’ll be saving a lot of money on gas. That’s great for your stress levels, therefore it’s great for your health.

When you arrive at work, take the stairs. If you have to go up a few flights of stairs every day, plus at least 20 minutes of walking outside, you’re now taking care of your health in a way that doctors would approve of. Healthy and convenient.

This method of keeping fit will do wonders for your cardiovascular system, as well as boosting your immune system and protecting you against numerous diseases. It is not going to turn a pot belly into an iron six-pack, and it’s not going to give you biceps like Van Damme. It will, however, stop you from ending up permanently bed-ridden. Considering how easy it is, I’d say that’s worth it. Wouldn’t you?

Raw Vegan as a guide, not a rule

Jack Albritton is a Costa-Rica based YouTuber who has been blogging and v-logging about the raw vegan lifestyle since 2012. Alabama-born Albritton decided to strike out on a path away from an irresponsible, party-lifestyle diet of heavy alcohol consumption, grilled meat and lots of processed food, towards something healthier, which he hoped would help him feel better. What began by simply cutting out and avoiding alcohol on certain days, gradually transformed into a raw vegan diet of no cooked food, no alcohol, no dairy products and, of course, no meat. 

It is perhaps, thanks to this slow immersion into the realm of veganism, that Albritton has gained followers and become popular with groups who are not a part of the narrow vegan cliques that pervade the internet and the wider world. As someone who freely admits that he is still learning, he doesn’t try to impose rules or beliefs on others. One of his mantras is ‘whatever works for you’. He admits mistakes he has made along the way, such as not eating enough and losing too much weight after the initial decision to ‘go’ vegan. As long as you’re taking steps towards a healthier you, that’s alright with Jack. There is no guilt trip about newbies craving meat or dairy. In fact, he actually advocates breaking in the vegan diet slowly, by weaning oneself off of meat and dairy products at first, rather than diving in to veganism without having found what works for you personally. Switching from a cooked meat and dairy diet to a raw vegan diet as if you’ve flicked a switch can have the same blinding consequences – you become disoriented and set yourself up for failure. 

For anyone who wants to try the vegan lifestyle, a juicer, like these at Juicer Cruiser, is an essential piece of kit. You can, of course, choose to pick and eat your fruit and vegetables in the most basic way – grab a banana, eat it, grab and onion, eat it, grab some nuts, eat them. That way of eating is unfortunately overlooked almost completely these days, but it does have a lot going for it. Peel an orange and eat it immediately and you’re getting a blast of healthy vitamins, essential sugars and fibers, along with a richer flavor than any orange-flavored drink or sauce. The same goes for almost all fruits and vegetables. The problem is that we have gotten used to being able to control the flavors, textures and nutritional values of our meals and we like it. That’s where a good juicer and blender come in – you can mix and match the ingredients you want according to your nutritional needs and personal taste. 

One of the major criticisms that is often leveled at raw vegan diets is that they struggle to provide enough vitamin B12. This is a serious concern as vitamin deficiencies can lead to serious health problems and unpleasant symptoms. These can include circulatory issues, digestive problems, palpitations, nervous issues and mood swings. 

Jack Albritton says he deals with this by simply taking a vitamin B12 supplement. These are available in pill form, as well as injections and sprays. True to his own advice, though, he recommends that others do their own research – simply helping out by pointing them in the right directions to look – before deciding on which, if any supplement they will use. He doesn’t claim to be a guru and seems to actively distrust those who claim to be. Raw veganism isn’t just about the food – it’s an entire lifestyle, and self-education is a big part of that lifestyle. Simply ignoring the serious consequences of vitamin B deficiency is not a part of that lifestyle – we all have a duty to ourselves to keep learning how to take care of ourselves. 

Physical and mental fitness are also essential for our wellbeing. Jack Albritton has chosen yoga as his personal method of remaining alert and fit. It’s a great for the body’s circulation and overall flexibility. There is no need to compete, just take care of yourself. If you can find a group and a teacher that you like, you’ll find it much easier to stick at. 

Make your life that little bit easier

Are you one of those people who makes themselves a cup of coffee, washes up and then asks other people if they want a coffee? Does the standard of driving on your daily commute infuriate you? Do you feel that you’re too old to be using smart technology, or that you just don’t have time to learn how to use it? If you’ve found yourself nodding away reading these questions, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Or at least, you’re not taking the opportunities you’re given to make life easier.

In some circumstances, people insist on doing things the long way round, or they seem to make simple tasks more complicated, convinced that there is a hidden benefit to it. There are those who wake up before the crack of dawn to go outside to pick figs for breakfast. The reason? They want to eat figs which still have the morning dew on them. That gets them off to a good start for the day. The truth of the matter, though, is that the morning dew has nothing to do with it. The benefit they feel is from rising early and getting some fresh air before breakfast. Were they to be given a bowl of figs in their room, they wouldn’t know whether the ‘dew’ had been freshly applied or if it was real.

The same people insist on preparing their coffee in a roundabout, time-consuming way. There is a view that some people, often erroneously hold, that in preparing food and doing jobs in general, the old-fashioned way, will somehow produce a better result than using modern techniques. Never mind that you can buy a coffee machine that will make coffee taste even better than you ever could. People don’t get their satisfaction from the coffee, they get it from the feeling of being successfully stubborn, set in their ways, as a way of giving the finger to the rear view of a world which is leaving them behind.

All of this poorly-veiled spiteful behavior only damages the individual who perpetuates it in their daily life. To others it provides, at most, an amusing and momentary curiosity: a glimpse at a real-life, modern day Dostoyevskian worm. You resent what you don’t have. You blame others for their greed, but you yourself are not known for your generosity.

If you would only cast off this burdensome way of thinking, you could discover how much easier life can be. To wake up in the morning with the same lightness on your shoulders as you had when you went to bed, you first need to train yourself to think about things differently: let things go – don’t hold onto anger at others, forgive those who have wronged you, allowing your wounds to heal. Forget about your pride, nobody else has ever been, or ever will be concerned in the slightest about it. Don’t be afraid of looking stupid. People who point and laugh are stuck in their own, deeper holes than those who try new ways to climb free. Don’t be afraid to say no and to stick up for yourself and what’s right – do you really want to be a farm animal your whole life, following the flock straight into the slaughterhouse? Stand up to bullies and thieves. Let them know you’re not a pushover. Don’t compare your life to those of others, make your life about yourself. If you’re not comfortable, take steps to help yourself. If you are comfortable, do something to help others. You’ll gain more for your generosity than you could imagine.

Take up a new sport. You might be really bad at first. You might be out of shape. You always will be those things if you don’t take that first step. The man who walks around the world does so by putting one foot in front of the other and repeating. Let your imagination run wild. Replace your car with something from The Electric Rider. Invite someone you don’t get along with to dinner or to a fun event. Instead of being quick to judge and blame, see what you can do to help others out. Your life will suddenly become much easier and much more enjoyable for it.http://www.inc.com/russ-fujioka/3-hires-that-will-make-your-life-easier.html

Getting the most out of where you live

Ask someone you know where they would live if they could choose anywhere in the world and you’ll typically get one of two answers: the first will consist of answers which they may have thought about before, a place they visited once or somewhere they have seen or read about. People might typically say places like San Diego, the Maldives, Tokyo or Jackson Hole. The second type of answer goes something along the lines of “I’d stay close to my family and friends”, which they may already do.

The thing about the first type of answer is that people are imagining the lifestyle they would lead if they moved to such a place, which might be very different from the lifestyle they currently live. They probably imagine themselves in good shape, with friendly neighbors, enjoying the idyllic surroundings – relaxing at the beach or watching a sunset from the side of a mountain. This might bear no resemblance to the life they currently lead – overweight, stressed out with bills and work, not knowing their neighbors and being unfamiliar to a great extent of the area around them.

Even if you want to move somewhere just to be close to family, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do what you can to get the most out of the surrounding area anyway. One of the best ways to do this is to switch your car for a bicycle. Start looking at CyclingPlaza to choose the right one for you.

Here’s a quick look at several different ways a bicycle makes your life better: Firstly, it’s good for your bank balance. As everyone knows, when you buy a car, especially a new one, you’re almost always throwing dollars down the drain. The simple fact of having driven the car once around the block means it may have lost up to 50% of its value. While the same principal applies to bicycles, you’re looking at tens of dollars as opposed to thousands of bucks. Don’t part-exchange your car, just sell it, buy a bicycle and pocket the rest of the cash. That’s an instant bonus right there! And now you get more from your salary, too – there is no gas to purchase, no taxes to pay on your new vehicle, no insurance and you can carry out any maintenance yourself. So you are going to feel richer.

Rather than taking weekly trips to the supermarket and the mall, perhaps mainly to get out of the house, and coming home with a bunch of junk and food you’d promised yourself you weren’t going to buy, start doing your shopping online and having it delivered. This saves you time and money as you can stick to a regular weekly order without any impulse purchases. That way it’s better for your health, too, as you will be eating better. And you’ll have a few hours free that you wouldn’t otherwise have had. You can use these hours to get out on your bicycle, explore some local treasures that you’ve never visited, join a cycling club, get out of the city and feel the wind rush through your hair as you breathe in the fresh air. Not only are you having a great time, but you’re also giving yourself a good workout, too. Gym membership scrapped, dollars safely remaining in your wallet.

Plenty of people believe that they need a car to get to and from work. When you think about it, though, it doesn’t make much sense. Yes, a car can get you from A to B twice as fast as a bicycle, but how realistic is that? Most people find themselves sitting in traffic to and from work. In big cities, it could take an hour to travel a few miles. On a bicycle, you’d simply sail right past all the standing traffic, all the time. Then, when you arrive at your destination, there’s no worrying about finding a parking spot. Just chain your bike up right next to the door, ready for when it’s time to leave.

You can, of course, keep your car if you want to. The point is not to rely on it for everything – it’s bad for the environment, bad for your health, isolates you from your environment and other people, and all too often isn’t any fun anyway.

Comfortable Night’s sleep

Working so far away from home was always a pain. My drive to work to and from was an hour each way. It made for a long day.

I had considered getting a job closer to my home but the job was so great and I really enjoyed it, I had so many friends there and it was worth the journey.

I saved up for a new car, so at least I could make my journey a little more comfortable.

The car I bought was a little too expensive but I worked hard and spent a lot of time in it, so I thought it was a worthwhile expense.

Then Everything Changed…

I was driving to work on a Tuesday morning at 6am as usual. From what I remember and what was pieced together from other witness statements a car 3 cars in front from me just stopped suddenly. My car was crushed front and back. I was knocked out by the air bag going off and I came around about 20 minutes later coughing like crazy. The powder for the air bags is caustic and it made me cough and actually made me sick.

As luck would have it there was an ambulance 10 minutes away from where the crash happened and they were called to the scene.

I remember them asking me questions as I was coming around but details of the accident were sketchy, it was some crash and I took a huge amount of the impact.

Moving On

The crash had damaged my arm. It was severely bruised but thankfully, not broken but mostly, the damage was in my back. My back had taken most of the crash impact.

The worst thing about the crash, apart from the actual crash, was sleeping through the night, or lack thereof. I tossed and turned, getting a full night’s sleep just seemed impossible.

My sister, who had always suffered with her back told me that she bought a memory foam mattress. It supported her where she need it and it moulds to your shape. I found a great website called: http://www.wakeupinabetterway.org/ and it helped me make the choice of which mattress I would choose.


Understandably, I was suffering with nightmares. Not sleeping, eating and reliving the moments before the crash. Could I have done something to avoid it? Also, I was a little sad about my car. I had worked hard to pay for it and it was a complete write off.
At least with my new mattress, if I could sleep then at least I should be comfortable.


A friend suggested that I undertake a course of cognitive behavioural therapy. It is a form of psychotherapy. It was originally designed to treat depression, but is now used for a number of mental disorders. It works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior.

I am not usually into that kind of thing but something had to change. I was ready to give anything a go.


After a few weeks, I started to feel better, way more positive and I was feeling more like my old self.

I had been having physiotherapy for some of the injuries I had sustained in the crash. The physio coupled with the therapy was really working. I had driven to work again and was sleeping way better. What a difference a few weeks had made to my happiness and confidence.


I am a way more cautious driver nowadays. I have the volume on my radio turned down lower and I look in my mirror more often, I drive at a sensible speed and don’t take as many risks as I used to. So if I have learned anything from the crash it is, don’t take any risks on the road and be aware of your environment at all times.

Let’s Get Eating

Ever since I lost my wife 2 years ago, I have struggled to eat properly. We used to really enjoy meal times. We would chat and laugh, it was real quality time together.

My World

My wife was my world, so when she died unexpectedly my world was shattered. Nothing was the same. I stopped going out, for the first year anyway and the house felt different, it was no longer full of life, it was quiet and full of memories.


Over the course of the two years, I lost a considerable amount of weight, I just didn’t feel like eating. I ate because I had to. Instead of what I used to do, which was eat for pleasure. It was taking its toll. I felt quite unwell and lethargic. I didn’t really care though; I didn’t feel that life was fun any more.


My daughter lives at the other end of the state so visits once every 6 months, she calls every week to see how I am doing but visiting is a bit more of a challenge as she has 3 kids.

When she arrived she had a look of shock on her face. I really got told off for not looking after myself, she was not happy.

I got told that yes of course I missed my wife and her mom but I had to get a grip and pull myself together.

I promised I would and that was that.


I went to the doctors for my annual check up and again, I was told off. I had lost 23lbs and my blood pressure was low. No wonder I had no energy. The doctor told me I would make myself seriously ill and I had to start looking after myself.


I couldn’t be bothered cooking meals for one. I was unsure as to what to do but when I spoke to my daughter she suggested I bought a pressure cooker. You could cook nutritious meals and save them for a day or so. My daughter suggested a site called: http://www.pressurecookersportal.com/, I bought my cooker and started to cook for myself.

Eating Well

I started making stews and soups, the great thing about those was that I could eat them over the course of a day. Over the course of a few months, I started to experiment. I started to make things like curry’s and spicy dishes, eating rice and things that would bulk me up a little. I did realise, that yes, I was sad about losing my wife but I think mainly I had become lazy. I really had my eating mojo back.

Next Visit

My daughter came over for her next visit and was so happy to see I was looking after myself. She did admit to me that she was so worried and thought she would lose me too. I was starting to care about life again.

The thing is, me eating better started to lead to other things. I had more energy, I was happier and had a different outlook on life.

Moving on

I started to catch up with old friends and joined various groups to socialise and just stay active. I even joined an aerobics and salsa class, I wasn’t very good at it but it was brilliant fun. I started to think that life is worth living again!

Updating to the Modern Kitchen Appliances

All of the girls that were born into my family were brought up baking and cooking. We started at a young age learning what the oven and stove was and how to properly use them. Sometimes using a microwave was efficient, but would nuke the taste, so we were also taught how to cook almost everything without using the microwave. Now days there are all types of appliances that are used in the modern kitchen. Some of these appliances have twice as many buttons as a microwave, while others are more simple with an on and off setting.

Fighting with My Husband

My husband and I normally do not fight over things that are trivial. It takes a lot to really get us geared up and ready to throw words. However, being that we both loved to be in the kitchen, we both would get in each other’s way. We didn’t fight over who was cooking, we just had to be helping or doing some portion of the meal. We finally gave up with trying to cook together and decided on days that each of us would cook. We would alternate and leave 1 day for “out of the house.”

Over time we became accustomed to having one another cook alternatively, but my husband still wanted more. He wanted to have more things to cook and more appliances to cook with. I indulged him. We came across several rice cooker reviews that helped to point us in the direction of our new home rice cooker. My husband was the one to order and purchase it because I was against having more appliances that I could possibly use at one time. Overall he loved the fact that he got his way in the kitchen once more.

Using the Rice Cooker

He proved me wrong in as little as two weeks with this new rice cooker. I watched him use it time after time and the meals come out delicious and fresh tasting. They could almost pass as restaurant prepared dishes. I had to give this thing a try. I wanted to make some mouthwatering rice, even though I was not a big fan of rice at all. I searched for the right recipe to cook in the rice cooker. I came across one that explained I could use this cooker as a double for boiling noodles. I began work on a teriyaki noodle dish.

I made sure to be extremely cautious with how I set the cooker and how long I cooked everything. Even with little hope of serving a fantastic meal, I seemed to be proud when cleaning up after dinner as many of the plates were spotless. From then on I, too, incorporated the rice cooker into my meals. I did not go as far as to use it every meal, like my husband, but I did change it up from whatever he was cooking. We were actually working together for once.

Our Accidental Return

Not many people would think to read the instruction manual all the way through, and I was one of those people that didn’t. Unfortunately we had issues with the cooker after a few months and we had to purchase a new one. It was just as great as the first one, but a little bigger and with a lot more functionality. We were discovering new and exciting meals to cook each week and the kids were loving being able to try all sorts of great food from different locations around the world.

It has held up pretty well for a family of five and is large enough that our servings are somewhat larger than what you would consider proportional. It helped both my husband and I relax after working all day by just flipping it on and letting it cook what we had prepared earlier that day. It has become a breeze to cook supper in under thirty minutes each night, but we do it. It has changed our eating lifestyle to a healthier one due to the changes in meals from what we used to eat to what we cook through the rice cooker now. I will definitely be passing on these recipes and the positives of owning appliances to my children, whether they are boys or girls.

What do you think of winter?

Let’s all be honest here. Winter sucks. There is no two ways about it. It is the season where flu becomes the latest fashion trend that everyone must have, and you need to wear more layers than there are songs in the world just to walk out of your front door. There are many more reasons as to why winter is worse than the summer, so strap in as we take a closer look at them now!

The Good Points

Let’s start with the easier section. Discussing the good points of winter is going to be easy because there are so few of them! First up is the improvement in the scenery. When it snows, or when there is a heavy frost I do have to admit that things look a lot prettier than they normally do. The way things glisten in the sunlight after they have had a coating of ice is something simple yet unfounded at any other time of the year. Basically, winter is the perfect time to test your photography skills out. The second good point about winter is the fact that you get to whack out your winter wardrobe. Now normally I am not even slightly fashion orientated, but as soon as I am able to show of my full range of jumpers I am in my element. There are some which I could get away with on the catwalks of Paris and Milan, and then there are some which are absolutely awful and would be at home in the offices “worst dressed” competition, but nevertheless I love them all equally. Being able to sit at home, watch a film and wrap up warm is a feeling that I simply don’t think you can beat! If you add a nice roaring fire into the mix then I am yours and could probably be persuaded that winter isn’t so bad after all! Saying that, that is the end of the good points I can think of with regards to winter so I told you it wouldn’t last long…

The Bad Points

Well I am going to begin with the biggest and most obvious point about those months which fall at the end of the year. Winter is bloody cold. You can not escape that fact wherever you go. You wake up in the morning and you’re shivering. You have a nice warm shower, then as soon as you get out you are greeted with an ice wall. Then, you finally get fully dressed after shivering enough to power a small city for a month, go outside and your nose turns into Niagara falls and your eyes make it look like you’ve watched the beginning of Up on loop for a year. Long story short, winter makes you look and feel like a mess. On this topic, illness is all around you in the winter months. It doesn’t matter which of your friend you talk to, one of them will have a cold or a cough and as a result you will be throwing up your guts a couple of days after. Maybe this is why everyone stays in when it gets cold and doesn’t socialise. What’s that? It’s just me that does that? Never mind then…. The third and final point is that there is quite literally nothing to do in the winter. Everyone just seems to shut up shop and not want to do anything. The places which stayed open later in the summer shut in the early afternoon, anything that used to be fun when the sun was out like running or a game of football is no longer enjoyable as you’ll freeze your feet off if you even attempt it, and most importantly the beach is off limits. No cocktails whilst sitting there and soaking up the sun for you for another few months. See, I told you winter is not fun.


Winter is the worst time of the year. Everything you do feels like it should be written up for a website like www.icemakercubes.com because you are so damn cold all of the time! If I haven’t managed to persuade you that winter is the worst then I wish you the best of luck, just don’t come crying to me when you freeze to death!

Getting My Son into More Social Activities

There were many groups that I could have joined growing up, but my parents both worked and had little time to invest in my after school activities. When I became a mother, I wanted my children to be social in the community and learn good skills while doing so. I decided that I would offer the choice to my children of what they wanted to participate in. My youngest two were just a little too young to really get into anything, but my seven year old was at the right age to get into activities.

He Chose Scouts

The only thing that he wanted to do among all of the options was to play soccer. I has seen the signups for the local kid’s team on the wall at a local clinic. I thought it ideal to ask him before just signing him up. He thought the idea was great. He wanted to play something so bad that he would take any option available. After the first season of soccer he noticed that it might not have been the right choice for him. He asked me if he could join boy scouts with his friend from school. I thought it wouldn’t hurt and it would teach him some key life skills. So later that week we went to the scout office.

They accepted him without much but his birth certificate and my picture ID. His friend had already been in for a few years so he was a few steps above my son, but they still got to see one another whenever the scouts met. There were several adventures that we all had while our son was in scouts. We were able to go to the local bird park and visit briefly as well as travel to different state parks and enjoy the surroundings. We even had the opportunity to camp out at some of the parks that we visited.

Camping out was probably the best part for our family. Not only did we get our own little tent and mini-vacation but the kids had things to do during the day and we could relax while watching them. It’s good to have enough supplies to last throughout the week, even if you are only staying for a couple of days. It is best to always plan that something will go wrong, that way you are always prepared for anything. We had a few mess ups where we did not come prepared and our six year old or our four year old had issues.

The Grand Outcome

My son only stayed in boy scouts for a year but that entire year was filled with going here, there, and everywhere. When we talked about what he had learned, I was amazed to see how much he actually did retain from scouts. He was a great little fisherman who loved going fishing with his dad and showing his dad all of the new cool things that he had learned while in scouts. He also taught our youngest son about knife safety, even though we are against him even holding a knife at this point.

Our oldest son learned a lot out of attending the Boy Scout meetings and being around other boys his own age. He learned that working together can get more done than working as an individual and that even though you might not look like everyone else, everyone has a heart and should be treated respectfully. He made a few life-long friends along the way, already adding to the one that he joined because of. I am one proud mother whenever I get an invitation to have a play date with the boys.

I plan to offer the option of sports or scouts to our other children and see where they would like to dig their feet into. My daughter has mentioned wanting to try out gymnastics and that sounds like a great plan to me for this upcoming summer. My youngest wants to try football, but is skeptic as he also likes soccer and scouts. We will see where the new year takes us and where they end up, but I know that whatever they end up doing that they will learn some great life skills and gain lifelong companionship along the way.

A Stunning Wedding

I went out with my girlfriends and had a great girly day. We bought clothes, shoes, handbags, make up. You name it, we bought it.

Good News

We all went for dinner and had way too much to eat and drink, it was the best day. This brilliant day was topped off by an announcement that one of us was getting married.

It was amazing. Anna and her childhood sweetheart were getting married, they are so perfect together and we were all overjoyed. We all kept nagging them to do it, at any chance we got and at last they were making it official.


The lovely thing is she had asked all 8 of us, to be her bridesmaids. What an honor. Apart from being able to celebrate with her in style, the added bonus is didn’t we didn’t have to worry about buying an outfit as we would all get to wear a beautiful bridesmaids dress.

I was so excited about the big day, I couldn’t wait to dress up and see my best friends get married.


Anna was very lucky, she was stunning, she was tall and athletic with beautiful blond hair and she could practically wear anything, she always looked so gorgeous.

Her dress was the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen, coupled with the fact that Anna looked like a super model, the combination was indescribable.

Her fiancé was going to fall over when he saw her walking up the aisle.


Our dresses were really lovely too, so classy and I have heard some real horror stories on that score, so this was great. No taffeta or puffy sleeves. Our dresses were ivory, empire line and figure hugging. They were tailored well and were quite flattering. I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Wedding Presents

My friends had been together since high school and they moved in together in their early 20’s, so what on earth do you buy the couple who has everything? I was stuck for ideas, so I enlisted the help of the internet. I came across a brilliant website called: http://www.deliciouswafflemakers.com/ when I was looking for unique gift ideas and decided I would get them a waffle maker. I got one with loads of features, so that even if they did have one this would be better.

The Night Before

The night before the wedding was brilliant. We all stayed in the same hotel and went for a swim, used the spa facilities and had dinner and a relax. Anna wasn’t nervous at all, just excited, after all, she was marrying the love of her life and there was nothing to be nervous about. It would be the best day.

The Big Day

The day finally arrived. The church was beautifully decorated and the family’s all looked so happy, beaming from ear to ear. I have honestly never been in a happier room full of people. Anna was bursting with joy and so was her new husband.

We got to walk up the aisle with her and celebrate their big day in style. Amazing!